The competition in text transcription – “ZAV-MINUTES”

In the epoch of mechanical typewriters the competition in typewriting was interesting for both competitors and audience in the World Championship: not only did the competitors throw away the next page of their contest papers after about 3 minutes, but especially they take new line with their left hand every 5 - 7 seconds. The paper moved into the typewriter on each new line.

After the arrival of the electric and later electronic typewriters it was no longer necessary to take the line and therefore could the audience orientate itself only by the length of the paper in the typewriter and by the number of the contest papers that had been thrown away.

Nevertheless, even the other day it was not easy to figure the final results out – neither the competitors nor the audience could say exactly what the results will look like.

In the modern computer age the World Championship has become boring: the competitors do not suggest their speed by the frequency of take the line or by the position of the paper in the typewriter. The only approximate view offers the frequency of throwing the papers away. However, that’s maximum 11 times in 30 minutes!

Interinfo Czech Republic has been testing form of competitions for many years. One of the disciplines – text transcription would be extremely interesting for the audience: Interinfo Czech Republic is going to offer, after the following testing process, the most successful competition – “ZAV-MINUTES” on the Internet in various languages. The best writers will have the opportunity to demonstrate their art at the World Championship in Rome in 2003. Computers connected to a network will enable live projection of the results. Nowadays you cannot hear the “music” of the typewriters anymore, but the projection will be as thrilling as the F1 race for the audience.

There will be Czech, German, English, French, Italian and Slovak version available for the international testing. Try one of them! Questions, information, problem descriptions, possible errors and technical support at Setup files are available at; updated results at

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