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Marijan Pavlic passed away

Dear Sirs,

With a deep pain in our hearts we would like to notify you that, Mr. Marijan Pavlic, our honorable and highly respected secretary, died on Thursday October 07th in his 78th year. The funeral party will be held at the Mirogoj graveyard on Tuesday October 12th at 12,30.

Mr. Marijan Pavlic, graduate economist, had been the secretary of the Croatian Stenographic Association with the longest secretarial incumbency which he successfully held for 28 years. For his contributions in the field of stenography he was elected member of the Stenographic Institute. As a debate stenographer, he was working for the Zagreb Radio, the Croatian Parliament, newspaper agency Vjesnik and the Croatian Presidency, during which time he managed to put into short hand almost all congresses and a host of formal and informal gatherings in Croatia. The Croatian Ministry of Education appointed him member of the Textbooks Commission and thenceforth Education Adviser. The Croatian Stenographic Association Assembly designated him its Honorary Member in 1979.

We would especially like to accentuate his extraordinary organizational skills in all the specific domains of the Association’s activities. He was writing handouts for the correspondence schools, translated from the Czech, Slovakian and Polish and among many other activities he was heading numerous short hand teams on competitions held either in our land or abroad. In 1987, he was elected President of the Stenographic Institute.

If we tried hard to make a sketch of Mr. Pavlic's personality, the best thing would be to say that he in his own right was the most ardent enthusiast whose all life was dedicated to stenography and tuition in school subjects related to office activities. He excelled in every respect both as expert in his field, father of his family and member of society. He contributed more than anyone else among the members of the Croatian Stenographic Association from its foundation onwards. But this sketch would be deficient if we didn’t mention that Mr Pavlic not only bequeathed a score of unsurpassed contributions in the field of his expertise but also contributed with his short stories, anecdotes, sketches and poems to the treasure of Croatian literature thus becoming one of the outstanding literary authors in the history of our literature. Without a shadow of a doubt, he stands out as a monumental personality in the field of stenography and as such became the linchpin in the organization of the Croatian short hand.

Yours truly,

Croatian Stenographic Association
Josip Hanjš

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