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ZAV-100: Info and registration for 2022

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About the contest

At virtual Council’s meeting held in Bordeaux the Czech national group suggested that a “ZAV-Minutes” contest could be held. Following that, the Council agreed to organise the ZAV-100 contest in cooperation with the Intersteno federation.

Why “ZAV-100”? In 2019, Interinfo Czech Republic celebrated the 20th anniversary of its existence and the author of the ZAV method, Jaroslav Zaviačič, celebrated his 80th birthday. Thus the idea to celebrate the concurrence of these events with a new competition, the sum of the both jubilees, occurred. In the following year, we have decided to keep the same name of the contest.

Many of you who have already participated in some of the ZAV contests are acquainted with the “minutes”. The competition itself was already held within the ZAV Olomouc international competition in 2017 with an international long-distance participation and the feedback was thoroughly positive.


The aim of the contest is to pass 25 one-minute transcripts from the computer screen in a selected language. The penalization for leaving an uncorrected error is 100 penalty points. Errors can be corrected both by using Backspace and by using CTRL + Backspace (which erases the whole word). At the beginning of the competition, each competitor’s score is 0 characters per minute. After having reached a better score, half of the improvement of the result counts in comparison with the current score.


First minute’s score was 400 points -> 200 points was admitted. Why? [0 + (400–0)/2]
Second minute’s score was 420 points -> 310 points were admitted. Why? [200 + (420–200)/2]
Third minute’s score was 300 points -> 310 points were admitted. Why? Because the score was lower than the up-to-now marked one.
Fourth minute’s score was 460 points -> 385 points were admitted. Why? [310 + (460–310)/2]

Competitors are allowed to compete just once, the choice of the date is up to competitors.

When? On December 5th, 2022  according to the time zones

the West of USA (-8) 04:00
the East of USA (New York) (-5) 07:00
Córdoba (Argentina) (-3) 09:00
Brazil (-3) 09:00
Western Europe, Portugal (+0) 12:00
Central Europe, Prague (+1) 13:00
Turkey: Istanbul, Ankara (+2) 14:00
Moscow (+3) 15:00
Shanghai, Beijing (+8) 20:00

and on December 10th, 2022 – according to the time zones

the West of USA (-8) 05:00
the East of USA (New York) (-5) 08:00
Córdoba (Argentina) (-3) 10:00
Brazil (-3) 10:00
Western Europe, Portugal (+0) 13:00
Central Europe, Prague (+1) 14:00
Turkey: Istanbul, Ankara (+2) 15:00
Moscow (+3) 16:00
Shanghai, Beijing (+8) 21:00


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